Monday, 4 October 2010

Chilly in Chile

It's amazing what a difference a week can make when one has moved to a new country. Everything which seemed so new has now become reassuringly familiar and the children and I find ourselves referring to our temporary accommodation and neighbourhood as "home", though in reality it still feels like nothing of the sort. However we've certainly made progress as we now know where to turn for basic household needs and can even venture further afield if we feel like it without getting lost (though that's happened too).
DD2 is well and truly over her bug and back to her usual loveable self (tantrums included). We have found a school we like for DD1 and have begun the formal admissions process so await being called in to the school for interviews and evaluation (parents too apparently). Last week we even made it along to an English playgroup run by a remarkably kind and welcoming group of women at Santiago Community Church in Providencia. It was like suddenly watching television or listening to the radio in one's own language again after having had one's reception disturbed or interrupted. If anything the time was too short and I had a thousand more questions to ask but will just have to wait until the next meeting. It was comforting to know I wasn't alone and that lots of others had passed this way before...and had come out the other side.
As for the weather, it has been lovely and is now a tiny bit grey again. Not that that's a problem, we're used to plenty of grey. Gives you the chance to imagine life back home and again appreciate the incredible light quality here. All in all then, a positive verdict with lots of things to marvel at, though I do feel very far away from home.

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