Sunday, 26 September 2010

We're here. Now what?

Just arrived in Chile with two children...and I am experiencing a whole maelstrom of emotions. Most are those of excitement and wonder at setting foot in a new city, new country and indeed new continent but some are also of awe and trepidation. What exactly have we let ourselves in for by leaving behind our beloved Europe and starting a new life following husband's career on the other side of the world from everyone and everything that we know and love? DD1 is about to turn 6 and is in need of a good primary education as well as all the fun associated with being a child. DD2 is 2 and a half and has already succumbed to her first bug since arriving in the southern hemisphere...The weather, initially warm and welcoming, has become cooler and greyer. The presence of constant sunshine and beautiful light was (and still is) a reason to be glad to be in Chile, with the prospect of skipping a winter and going straight on to another spring and summer. Let's hope this is just a wobbly moment and that things will get better (along with DD2's malaise). Deep breath...

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