Saturday, 14 January 2012

Strangers in the night

Well the Befana came, bearing Italian chocolates and Chilean sweets, followed hot on her heels two days later by the Tooth Fairy who left the princely sum of one hundred pesos for DD1's first baby tooth to fall out... Let's hope that's it for a while as we've certainly had our fair share of nocturnal visitors recently, what with the jolly chap in the red coat, his elves and various other creatures of fantasy (who will soon be losing their mythical status if this constant march is to be sustained any longer...)
Meanwhile it's January in Santiago, warm and sunny though slightly cooler than the heatwave we experienced over the festive period. We have established a kind of rhythm which consists of plenty of visits to the park, lots of bike rides and even more dips in the pool... Only another month until DH is on holiday then we shall be free to take off for another adventure.
Not that there aren't things to do in the city. This week on an energetic whim I managed to take the girls on the metro to visit the excellent Picasso exhibition in town which made a pleasant change from the calm though dull suburbs. They have since been inspired to redouble their efforts artistically and we now have moulded and painted our own garden, decorated fairies and butterflies and painted works which even Picasso may have been interested to see with his notions of the perspective of the child as artist...

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